Cheryl Marrs DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC is located at 851 Corporate Dr. Ste. 250. This office is directly across from Beaumont Center and right off the New Circle Rd-Harrodsburg Rd. exit.  The building is on the left right across from the pond on the second floor and tucked around the corner on the right.  


Unfortunately, this office has come to the decision that we will no longer accept insurance (commercial or Medicaid) with the exception of commercial Humana insurance after May 1.  After this date we will only accept private pay (except for commercial Humana); speak to the provider at your next appointment to discuss this upcoming change.

The Free To Be Mental Health Services App should be live at the end of April (waiting on Apple and Goggle Play)!  From this app you will be able to book appointments, get in contact with the office, request refills, and much more--especially as it progresses and I am able to tailor it to meet your needs!

The other exciting bit is new services that have started concierge type services including at home visits!  As I have several patient options for these services, if you would like more specific information please inquire.  


This office will be close on Memorial Day, May 30th.