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Cheryl Marrs DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC is located at 851 Corporate Dr. Ste. 250. This office is directly across from Beaumont Center and right off the New Circle Rd-Harrodsburg Rd. exit.  The building is on the left right across from the pond on the second floor and tucked around the corner on the right.  


Due to greatly increased time utilization within the past year for prior authorizations for medications, medical record requests, and multiple requests for letters/forms to be completed (FMLA, insurance, court, etc...), starting August 15, 2023, there will be a slight increase in treatment/appointment fees.  Speak to your provider at your next visit for concerns or questions.  The new fees are currently listed on the pricing page of the website as of August 15.  Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in the care I provide to you.

Concierge type services including at home visits have started!  As I have several patient options for these services, if you would like more specific information please inquire.  


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